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Youlchon Children’s School by MEE: INTERNATIONAL

The objective of the Youlchon children’s school is to educate children about natural spaces such as forests and allow students to experience nature first-hand. The school teaches the importance of a symbiotic relationship between humans and the ecosystem.

It is a place for children to experience and learn about nature. Designer Soyool Jang’s concept for the design of Youlchon was based on a seed, which is the starting point for many things that exist in nature. There are many steps to the process of a single seed becoming a sprawling forest of a thousand acres.

For the design of the space and the furniture, the idea of a germinating seed growing and expanding from within to the world outside is reinterpreted. Youlchon Children’s School has a curriculum containing many themes and subjects related to nature and the outdoors. These include a play area, study area, and diverse programs such as cooking classes.

The germinating seed motif is evident throughout. The furniture in the parents’ waiting area is vibrantly designed in keeping with the seed germination motif. Such designs allow for flexibility in form. The lightbox tables in the classroom are functional with an on/off light switch. They are wireless and can be recharged in their storage pods on the wall when not in use.

They are used to illustrate the growth process of a plant from seed to fruit. Students can also use them to draw parts of the plants that they have gathered from outdoor sessions. The modular table against the wall is a convertible table designed to enable meetings within a limited space.

The kids’ modular table can accommodate the various needs of different types and sizes of classes. Soyool Jang of the spatial design studio MEEINT designed the interior spaces and furniture for Youlchon Children’s School. Source by MEEINT.

  • Location: Ulsan, Korea

  • Interior design: MEEINT

  • Designer: Soyool Jang

  • Design assistants: Marco Lafiendra, Hyojin Park, Jaewon Lee, Seunghun Jung

  • Design engineers: Byunggawn Lee, Mina Seo, Joonsik Yeom

  • Client: The Youlchon Foundation

  • Year: 2021

  • Photographer: Hoonkoo Lee, Courtesy of MEE: INTERNATIONAL

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